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ATM Locator

ATM Location


   Branch  Location Region  
  18 Maziriya  18 Mazoria Addis Ababa
  Ayertena branch  Beside Sami Cafe Addis Ababa
  Bahirdar  Bahirdar  Bahirdar
  Beklobet Branch  In front of Global Hotel Addis Ababa
  Bole 18 Branch  22 beside Aurarise hotel Addis Ababa
  Bole Medhanialem Branch  Behind Edna mall Addis Ababa
  Diredawa  Diredawa  Dire Dawa
  Genet branch  Mexico Tselere Bldg. Addis Ababa
  Goffa Branch    Addis Ababa
  Habtegiorgis branch  Near Kelifa Bldg. Addis Ababa
  Hawassa  Hawassa  Hawassa
  Harrar  Harrar Harrar
  Kality Branch    Addis Ababa
  Kasanchis Kahin Sefer Branch  Down to Intercontinental Hotel Addis Ababa
  Lideta branch  Ahmed Trading Center Addis Ababa
  Main branch  Beside Berehanena selam printing press Addis Ababa
  Mekelle  Mekelle  Mekelle
  Meskel Flower  Meskel Flower  Addis Ababa
  Olompiya Branch  Beside Getu Commercial Bldg Addis Ababa
  Piyassa branch Piassa former British council Bldg. Addis Ababa
  St. Marry University Campus behind Federal Police Bldg Addis Ababa
  Summit Branch  In front of Summit Square Addis Ababa

Exchange Rate

November 20, 2017 
Currency Buying Selling
USD 27.1182 27.6606
GBP 35.7743 36.4668
CHF 27.3424
SEK 3.2178 3.2822
DKK 4.2983
DJF 0.1507 0.1537
INR 0.4171 0.425442
KSH 0.2613 0.2665
JPY 0.2409 0.245718
CAD 21.2642 21.6895
AUD 20.4661
SAR 7.2307 7.3753
AED 7.3829 7.5306
1.9357 1.9744
EUR 32.9832 32.6229
CNY 4.0877 4.1695