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Credit Facility - Credit detail


  • Advances
  • Regular overdraft facility
  • Temporary overdraft facility
  • Overdrawals on,
  • Regular O/D
    • Current account
    • Trade Finance
  • Advance on import bills
  • Advance on export bills
  • Merchandise Loans
  • Term Loans
    • Short Term Loan for:
      • Working Capital
      • Construction bridge finance/loan
    • Medium term loans for:
      • Purchase of new truck
      • Purchase of new construction machinery
      • Purchase of new factory machinery
      • Personal /use/ loan
  • Guarantees and letter of credit facilities
    •    Bid bond guarantee
    • Advance payment guarantee
    • Performance bond guarantee
    • Custom bond guarantee
    • Retention payment guarantee
    • Letter of credit facilities

Acceptable Collaterals

  • Building

These may be residential or commercial buildings owned by the borrower or a third party and currently in use or under construction. However, building under construction should at least be at habitable stage. The Bank’s engineer shall estimate the value of buildings presented as collateral. And estimation fee shall be borne by the borrower.

  • Motor Vehicles(trucks and trailers,tankers,buses,dump-trucks,automobiles)

New motor vehicles may be accepted as collateral. In this case, the invoice value of the new vehicles shall be considered. Used motor Vehicles may be accepted only as additional collateral together with building. However, for new loan the share of used motor vehicles shall not exceed 25%of the collateral value. Moreover, as a matter of policy, the age of used motor vehicles shall not exceed five years.

  • Machinery and equipments

New machinery and equipment may be accepted as collateral. The invoice value of the machinery and equipment shall be considered as acceptable collateral. Used machinery and equipment may be accepted only as additional collateral together with building. However, for new loans, the share of used machinery and equipment shall not exceed 25% of the collateral value. Moreover, the age of used machinery and equipment shall not exceed five years.

  • Trade Receivables

The bank may accept trade receivable (which is backed by a firm undertaking from the debtors) as collateral for loans with a maturity term of three month or less. In such cases, the maturity structure of the receivable shall be less than the maturity term of the loan by at least one month.

  • Cash and Cash Substitutes

Collateral in the form a deposit shall be backed by a letter of assignment on the deposit from the depositor(s)

  • Negotiable Instruments (Treasury Bills and government Bonds)
  • Share Certificates

                     The margin on share certificates as collateral shall not exceeds 70% of the share par value or market value whichever is less.
            Guarantees (Bank guarantee and Personal Guarantee

  • It shall be readily marketable in the local and foreign markets
  • It shall not be perishable, i.e. it must be a commodity that can be stored for a relatively long period without showing physical deterioration.
  • It shall be a commodity for which market price is relatively stable
  • It shall be a commodity whose value can be determined, and Insurable
  • Other Points to consider; Equipments and Furniture shall have insurable cover.

Interest Rates
Bunna International Bank S.C will charge competitive interest rate on loans and advances ranging from 8.5% to 14% depending on the type of credit facility, maturity of the facility and associated risk.

Exchange Rate

December 09, 2017 




USD 27.1806 27.7242
GBP 36.2508 37.9858
CHF 27.3832
SEK 3.2173 3.2816
DKK 4.3060
DJF 0.1510 0.1540
INR 0.4209 0.429318
KSH 0.2636 0.2689
JPY 0.2411 0.245922
CAD 21.1901 21.6139
AUD 20.4398
SAR 7.2474 6.3923
AED 7.3987 7.5467
1.9979 2.0379
EUR 32.0432 32.6841
CNY 4.1058 4.1879