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  •  Bunna International Bank’s Staff Day Celebrated


Bunna International Bank’s employees colorfully celebrated their Staff Day on February 7, 2015 at the YAYA Africa Athletics Village. Attended by more than a four hundred employees from all branches in Addis Ababa and Head Office organs, the event was officially inaugurated by the opening remark of the CEO of the bank, Ato Eshetu Fantaye. More than 45 outlying branches staffs also celebrated the day at the same time. The Staff Day of Bunna international Bank is one of the organized occasions in the bank which brings together the employees to help strengthen the family type relationship that has so long been built among them.

  • Bunna International Bank S.c. Sell Shares to its Employees

One of Ethiopia’s private banks, Buna International Bank (BIB), decided to sell shares to its employees who worked for at least two years. The intention behind the decision is to keep the employees and also motivate them.

The decision to sell shares for the staff was passed by the board of directors that is chaired by Ato Marshal Fekeremarkos. The management of the bank requested to sell shares for employees who have worked at least two years at the bank,
According to the decision 160 employees have bought 90,000 shares that are worth nine million Birr. They bought the shares with their provident fund. They purchased the shares from a minimum shares at par value and a maximum of two percent of the capital.

Buna was established in 2009 with a paid up capital of 156 million Birr and 308 million Birr subscribed capital. Currently it has a total of 11,600 shareholders. By the end of December its asset has rose to 3.5 billion Birr and extended 1.9 billion Birr. Its deposit in the other hand reached 2.7 billion Birr.

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February 19, 2018 




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