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Bunna International Bank Share Company (BIB) runs its operations with modern information technologies for its value adding customer services. Furthermore, BIB is running different ICT projects to create more convenience for the customers to reach them anywhere anytime. BIB is also working to enhance the infrastructure for organizational, national and international business connectivity.

BIB’s Core Banking, Relationship Management and straight through-processing capabilities are powered by Infosys Finacle. BIB is a member bank of the Ethiopian Automated Transfer System (EATS) and the Ethiopian Credit Reference Bureau (ECRB). It has joined the international business connectivity using SWIFT, Western Union, MoneyGram, Xpress money, Flocash, Juba, Dahabshill, Trans-Fast, Kaah, Exchange for free, Rimitaces, Ria and Al Ansari other financial technology networks.

Moreover, BIB continues to use innovative ICT solutions in the industry with fast time-to-market capabilities that allow extend business services of the customers.

Exchange Rate

May 24, 2017 
Currency Buying Selling
USD 22.9476 23.4066
GBP 29.7676 30.3630
CHF 23.6135
SEK 2.6443 2.6972
DKK 3.4636
DJF 0.1275 0.1301
INR 0.3537 0.360774
KSH 0.2219 0.2263
JPY 0.2063 0.210426
CAD 17.0475 17.3885
AUD 17.2222
SAR 6.1187 6.2411
AED 6.2475 6.3725
1.7341 1.7688
EUR 25.7793 26.2949
CNY 3.3300 3.3966