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 Vision Statement

“Our vision is to be a public-powered, uniquely flavored and the most accessible Bank.”

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide distinctly flavored banking services, at conveniently accessible locations/outlets, with unparalleled commitment to enhance values of key stakeholders and ensure public trust through diversification, state–of–the–art technology, and ethically motivated and knowledge driven human capital.”

Value Statements

•        BIB persistently encourages the prevalence of a team spirit so as to be truly successful;

•        BIB considers its employees to be the greatest assets and resources of the Bank;

•       BIB is committed to meritocracy and promotes professionalism and rewards excellence in performance;

•        BIB promotes “Out of the Box” thinking and invests in feasible ideas;

•        BIB promotes good corporate governance;

•        BIB respects diversification;

•        BIB respects towards sustainable growth and profitability;

•        BIB is committed to high quality; and

•     As corporate citizen, BIB believes in discharging its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.  


                                           Bank of the Visionaries’

Exchange Rate

January 17, 2018 




USD 27.2157 27.7600
GBP 37.4270 38.1755
CHF 28.1824
SEK 3.3826 3.4503
DKK 4.4608
DJF 0.1512 0.1542
INR 0.4246 0.433092
KSH 0.2637 0.2690
JPY 0.2459 0.250818
CAD 21.8828 22.3205
AUD 21.6283
SAR 7.2567 7.4018
AED 7.4095 7.5577
2.2173 2.2616
EUR 33.2304 34.8950
CNY 4.2215 4.3059