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1. Can I get a higher interest rate on my deposits at Bunna Bank?

Yes. We offer you various customized deposit accounts that yield higher interest rates. Please consider our  Current Account and Saving Account to find the account for you.

2. What are prize-linked deposit products?

Bunna Bank provides prize-linked deposit accounts that allow you to win prize items including but not limited to a brand new automobile, refrigerators, TV sets, laptops, mobile phones, and tour packages to historical sites. Some of the prize-linked deposit accounts we offer are Taxi and Bajaj deposit account, Mid-bus and Maxi-bus deposit account, freight and liquid cargoes/trailers deposit account, teachers’ professional account, and health professionals’ account.

3. Can I receive money sent from abroad at Bunna Bank branches?

Yes. Bunna Bank partners with the major money transfer services including Western Union, MoneyGram, TransFast, Ria, Worldwide-cash express, ExpressMoney, Dahabshiil, Juba, and Thunes. Read more about our Money Transfer Services and  Foreign Exchange Services for more information.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for opening a Diaspora account?

Our diaspora account provides access to mortgage, automobile, personal, and investment loans to account holders. All non-resident Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin are eligible for the diaspora account. Make sure you have:

  • Properly filled and signed application form; passport and/or Ethiopian origin identification cards.
  • For those who cannot appear in person, a filled application form through email, fax, or a courier as well as a confirmation letter from the embassy, a correspondent bank, or a remittance service provider

5. How can I access Bunna’s services?

Bunna Bank offers a variety of digital channels through which you can access your accounts at your convenience. These include the Bunna mobile banking application, the *820# mobile USSD, Bunna Internet Banking, and Bunna Card Banking.

6. What can I do with Bunna mobile and internet banking?

You can pay merchants, transfer money, make bulk payments, check your balances, pay various fees, and perform other essential financial tasks. Read more about our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

7. Can I fill mobile top-up using Bunna mobile and internet banking?

Yes. In fact, you  will get a 4% cashback when you recharge your mobile airtime using the Bunna Mobile Banking application or via *820# USSD.

8. How much will I be charged for digital banking services?

The service is provided free of charge. You can sign up at any Bunna Bank branch.

9. Can I withdraw cash from another Bank’s ATM using Bunna Card?

Your Bunna Bank debit card allows you to withdraw cash and make balance inquiry from any ATM near you.

10. What is Interest-Free Banking?

It is a type of banking in which funds are mobilized or advanced in accordance with Shari’ah Islamic Finance principles. Read more about our Interest free Saving Account and Financing Account.  

11. Is Interest-Free Banking Service only for Muslims?

  • It can apply to non-Muslims as well provided that the source of funds is Shari’ah-compliant.

12. How competitive is Bunna Bank as compared with others in the industry?

Bunna Bank offers its services using cutting-edge technology and skilled employees to ensure customers’ satisfaction. The bank’s profit has been driven by customer loyalty and innovation, enabling it to become one of the most highly regarded bank’s in Ethiopia. Read more about Bunna Bank and the latest annual report of the bank for more information.

13. How can I find the nearest Bunna Bank branch?

You can use our  ATM/Branch locator here.

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