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Soar to Greatness

Use Mudarabah Investment Saving

We give you with premium managerial and entrepreneurial support, investing in Shari’ah-compliant investments

Normal Mudarabah saving account is designed with a profit-sharing principle where we invest for you

in shari’ah-compliant and high return investments.

Kids and Teenager Mudarabah saving accounts are for your children with attractive profit-sharing

ratio, planting the seed for your child’s future.

Youth Mudarabah saving account is specially designed for those between 18 and 35, offering a

generous profit-sharing ratio.

Women Mudarabah saving account is designed to meet the financial needs of women from all walks of

life from attractive investments.

Muday Safe Box Mudarabah saving account is for you to manage your finances better as you strive to

make ends meet.