Онлайн казино Вавада – это виртуальное азартное заведение, где каждый посетитель окунется в захватывающий мир азарта и фортуны. С многочисленным выбором увлекательных игр!

Saving Account Choice – Bunna Bank

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Are You an Educator?

Bunna Bank offers a special account for teachers in pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and higher learning institutions. These accounts are linked with special prizes that motivate you to save more and achieve more as we value the contribution you make in educating generations of Ethiopians. This is our way of saying thank you. Please make sure you have a valid teacher’s ID when you come to open your account with us.

Are You a Health Professional?

Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, a health officer or you have another occupation in healthcare, we have a special account that would make you eligible for exciting prizes. We value your work in saving Ethiopian lives and we would like to help make yours better. Come to us with a valid professional ID and open your special account.

Are You in the Transportation Sector?

Bunna Bank offers several saving schemes for people engaged in public transport and in liquid cargo transport. For small taxi and Bajaj owners and drivers, our bank offers saving schemes that allow you to win amazing prizes including brand new cars. Come with your ownership certificate and/or driving license to open your account. For minibus, midi-bus, maxi-bus, bus owners and drivers, our saving accounts offer you higher interest rates in addition to making you eligible to win prizes. Liquid cargo transporters also get special accounts that yield higher interest rates and make you eligible for prizes.

Are You a Young Person Looking for the Future?

If you are between 18 and 35, we have an account that will help you achieve your plans in life. Bunna Bank’s Youth Saving Account yields an attractive interest rate.. Enjoy these and other services free of charge by saving with us. You will need a minimum of 250 Birr to open up a Youth Saving Account and opt for a specified amount of monthly installments, calculated on an annual basis.




Are You Planning on a Special Events?

Plan your vacation, holiday, tour, wedding, graduation or any other special occasion with our offer of a recurring deposit amount with a cumulative deposit feature. Open a special account individually or jointly with us for as little as Birr initial balance to receive an attractive interest rate . You can opt for a specified amount of monthly installments, calculated on an annual basis





Are You Looking to Invest in Your Business?

The Bunna Investment Account is designed for individuals, professionals, women, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMSEs), associations, companies, and co-operatives. It is intended to encourage accumulation of capital for future investment on machinery, business expansion, construction, purchasing of vehicles, purchasing of minor/petty consumer durable goods or for other investments. These accounts yield higher interest rates and make you eligible for different loans. Enjoy these and other services free of charge by saving with us. You can open such an account with a minimum of 250 Birr initial deposit.


Are You a Parent Looking to Make Your Child’s Future Brighter?

Enjoy a higher deposit interest rate for your children who are under 18 while teaching them the value of saving. Bunna Bank’s Minors’ Account can be set up with as little as Birr 10, and a monthly instalment suitable for you. The account enables you to ease your burden at the time when your child needs financial support.


Do you want an interest-bearing checking account?

By opening a special saving account at the bank, you can enjoy your transactions using a check while earning deposit interests. The minimum amount of deposit needed to open the interest-bearing checking account is Birr 1,000. Please bring a valid ID card and a TIN certificate to open the account.

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