Онлайн казино Вавада – это виртуальное азартное заведение, где каждый посетитель окунется в захватывающий мир азарта и фортуны. С многочисленным выбором увлекательных игр!

Technology – Bunna Bank

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Our bank uses cutting- edge information technology to provide value added services to its customers. Its Core Banking, Relationship Management and straight through processing capabilities are powered by Infosys Finacle. Taking our customer’s a day to day banking interest  in to account, we runs several ICT initiatives to make it easier for consumers to contact them at any time, from any location, using technological devices appropriate for the banking industry. These include mobile phone banking services, ATM services, internet banking service that provide our customers’ access to their account 24/7 in a year. Bunna Bank is also aiming to improve organizational, national and global business communications infrastructure. The bank is a member bank of the Ethiopian Automated Transfer System (EATS) and the Ethiopian Credit Reference Bureau (ECRB). It has multiple international partners and agents while the technology-centric services ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Популярное решение на рынке беттинга называют казино Вавада, принимающий игроков из большинства стран мира без необходимости включать VPN для получения доступа.