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Who We Are – Bunna Bank

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we strive for excellence

We place our customers at the core of our value, to serve them with compassion

and a level of professionalism unmatched by any other bank.

  • Who we are?   

Bunna Bank, the bank of visionaries, much like its motto, was made to blend with the community that never stops dreaming and creating a vision for themselves. The bank received its license from the National Bank of Ethiopia on June 25, 2009, in line with proclamation no. 59 on licensing and supervision of banking business. We are 3rd generation banking group, and growing fast, in the banking history of Ethiopia.

It was founded with a subscribed & paid up capital of Birr 308 million and Birr 156 million, respectively. However, the paid up capital has increased to over Birr 3.3 Billion and the number of shareholders has increased to over 13,024 and making the bank that one of Ethiopian’s strongest and most publicly traded private banks. The number of shareholders has already surpassed 13,000 and a single shareholder’s maximum ownership is limited to 2% the total paid up capital.

It has accomplished much greater success for the past 13 years and will continuous in that successful journey as the years go by. The puzzle behind this continuous and sustainable growth is the real combination of the core values of the bank with due visionary implementer of Bunna Bank.

The board of directors constitutes of a formula structure with the chair person and vice chairperson with a combined experience of decades. In addition, they are accompanied by multiple directors with advanced academia credentials in accounting and finance. This is enhanced by the organizational and structural efficiency of the senior management i.e directors and technical managers. Our top tier team brings know – how and experience to the table which ensures that the bank’s operations are handled with care. It is at the core of how we live our values, deliver our purpose and achieve responsible growth.  The board and management team together with the whole staff continue to learn what matters most to our clients, and our shareholders. It helps us start a conversation centered on our commitment to use our capabilities to help those we serve be successful.  Because we recognize that we can only be successful when the individuals, companies, communities and employees we serve are able to reach their vision of success.

  • Technology

Our bank uses cutting- edge information technology to provide value added services to its customers. Its Core Banking, Relationship Management and straight through processing capabilities are powered by Infosys Finacle. Taking our customer’s a day to day banking interest  in to account, we runs several ICT initiatives to make it easier for consumers to contact them at any time, from any location, using technological devices appropriate for the banking industry. These include mobile phone banking services, ATM services, internet banking service that provide our customers’ access to their account 24/7 in a year. Bunna Bank is also aiming to improve organizational, national and global business communications infrastructure. The bank is a member bank of the Ethiopian Automated Transfer System (EATS) and the Ethiopian Credit Reference Bureau (ECRB). It has multiple international partners and agents while the technology-centric services ensure customers’ satisfaction.

We do have five districts, four area office and +451 branches, which are increasing from day long, are located in commercial and residential places throughout Ethiopia major financial transaction areas. The majority of our sites are built to provide the highest levels of convenience, comfort and aesthetics with professional support. Including 24/7 customer support free call center 8501. 


Driven to win

We outperform others 
 in helping you win

Serving with respect

We know everyone’s unique
 position to make a difference

Engaged Responsibility

We act to contribute to positive transformation

With more than 14,000 shareholder and growing, we are the

strongest public-based private bank in Ethiopia.

Come and visit one of our branches

Exceeding expectations

Breaking barriers

Raising industry standards

Bunna Bank obtained its license from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) on June 25, 2009, in accordance with

Licensing & Supervision of Banking Business Proclamation No. 592/2008 and the Commercial Code of Ethiopia.

34.1 Billion 

asset value

5.1 Billion 

total capital 

3.3 Billion 

paid up capital 


years of operation


full-time employees 


branches across Ethiopia 

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