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Take pride in saving through our

Shariah compliant accounts

We keep your money safe with our specialized Wadi’ah savings, helping you save more with accounts designed for your circumstances.

Muday wadiah saving account helps you develop a culture of saving through out Muday Boxes

Women Wadi’ah saving account is tailored for the women of today.

Use the special ATM card and enjoy discounts when shopping.

Youth Wadi’ah saving account customized for those between 18 and 35.

Kids Wadi’ah saving account for your child 12 or less.

Help your child learn the value of saving from an early age.

Teenager Wadiah saving account for your child between 12 and 17.

Planning ahead for your child’s future is always the smart thing to do.

Al-Haji Wadiah saving account designed specifically to help you achieve the Holy Pilgrimage.

We know what it means to you.